Kuhn updates trailed boom fertiliser spreader

The updated version of Kuhn’s trailed boom fertiliser spreader can deliver a 25% increase in maximum application rate compared with the outgoing model, the company says.

The Aero GT 60.1, which is available in widths of 30m, 32m and 36m, replaces the AGT 6036 and has a bigger air intake and larger-capacity pipes to help increase throughput.

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The new spinner can apparently spread urea across 36m at rates of up to 320kg/ha at 15kph, whereas the output limit on the AGT was closer to 250kg/ha.

Elsewhere, there is a new metering system with six sections that can be independently shut off when using auto section control. Each of these can apply a different rate, which will be handy for anyone looking to use variable application maps. 

Retail prices start at £141,950 for the 36m model.

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