More spreaders available with Amazone’s Windcontrol

Amazone’s Windcontrol software, which monitors and alters fertiliser spread pattern depending on the direction of gusts, is now available on more of the firm’s spreaders.

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Previously it was part of the package when buying the Argus Twin spread fan monitoring system, but can now be used on ZA-TS mounted spreaders and ZG-TS trailed spinners, independently of the Argus Twin system.

A high frequency wind sensor is mounted on the spreader and records both wind speed and direction before transferring this information to the computer. When the data is combined with the tractor’s forward speed, the system calculates automatically adjusted settings for the delivery system and disc speed.

In-cab control screen for Amazone Windcontrol

© Amazone

For example, if there is a crosswind, the disc speed on the side facing into the wind is increased, while the disc speed on the downwind side is slowed to compensate for the extra throw. Amazone say this system can help lengthen the application window in trickier conditions.

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