Manterra to import APV seeding and spreading kit

East Yorkshire machinery importer Manterra has been appointed as a partner dealer for Austrian-made APV spreaders along the M62 corridor from Hull to Liverpool.

The company’s range includes mini-, single- and double-disc spreaders and pneumatic seeders.

At the top end of the list is ZS 200 M4 twin-disc spreader, which costs £2,750 and uses independently driven discs to produce a symmetrical spreading pattern.

It includes two hopper discharge ports, an edge-of-field spreading function and a 200-litre hopper.

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A Manterra APV on a field

The PS range of pneumatic seeders is available with a wide range of metering rollers for different seeds. It includes the PS 120 M1, which has a 120-litre tank capacity and costs £2,495.

Manterra is also an agent for Kellfri and is an authorised reseller for Trimble precision kit, Baertschi strip till systems and Duport spoke wheel injectors.

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