Pichon adds spreading table option to MK muckspreader range

French manufacturer Pichon has added a new spreading table option to its galvanised MK muckspreader range.

The Danish-owned firm now has 13 models from 10-24cu m, built on the same simple, narrow-body design as their predecessors.

Buyers planning to spread light material can opt for the new Precisium disc spreading system, which mounts on the rear to throw shredded material funnelled through the rear hood across a maximum 24m working width.

This can be equipped with right and/or left deflectors for operating along a roadside or field edge.

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Other notable updates include a redesigned front panel that affords operators a better view into the body from the tractor cab, and new curved mudguards that should reduce the likelihood of debris building up.

Among the optional extras are front or rear camera kits, a guillotine door for flow regulation, a hydraulic power unit, side deflectors, hydraulic belt tension and body extensions.

Controls range from simple manual adjustment on base-spec models to full Isobus compatibility with onboard weighcells and automatic flow regulation.

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