Slurrykat releases premium range of trailing shoe applicators

Slurrykat has launched a new Premium Plus range of dribble bars aimed at high-output contractors.

The brand-new design apparently sees no parts or components carried over from the 2017 models, and of particular note is a 28% reduction in weight, which has apparently had no implications for strength.

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The line-up includes 7.5m, 10m and 12m versions, with the larger two using a land wheel to help the shoes follow the ground better. Design of the shoes and springs includes hard-wearing tips with neoprene nozzles – a setup that will already be familiar to owners of the Farmline trailing shoes.

Units can be mounted on a tanker or fitted with a drag hose for umbilical systems, the latter featuring a 180deg stainless steel swivel joint for turning. Beam oscillation on headland turns saves lifting the whole machine up on the linkage, too.

Prices for the Premium Plus trailing shoe range start at £11,995.