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Slurryquip unveils retrofit universal dribble bar

Northern Irish manufacturer Slurryquip has released two new products to make dealing with slurry an easier job. The first is a tanker-mounted dribble bar that fits to the chassis rather…


Ploeger introduces high capacity spreaders

A high-capacity five-wheel “floater” application vehicle is being introduced in Europe and North America by the Ploeger Oxbo Group to complement the existing three-wheel version. The larger machine has powered…


French firm Pichon enters receivership

Leading French slurry tanker maker Pichon announced earlier this month that it has entered a six-month period of receivership. See also: Vredo mounts beet box on self-propelled tanker The company,…


SlurryKat launches interchangeable dribble bar

Slurry equipment manufacturer SlurryKat has introduced a range of lightweight dribble bars that are designed to be retrofitted on to existing tankers or new units from other manufacturers. See also:…

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