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Universal dribble bar reduces costs for slurry contractor

Contractor A&J Slurry has tried just about every brand of pump, reeler and spreading set-up going, but the firm thinks its latest dribble bar from Irish company Mastek has made…

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Samson adds strip-till injector for row crops

Samson is adding a strip-till injector to its implement range this season for use on the back of its tankers. The kit was developed in response to phosphorus regulations introduced…


Slurryquip unveils retrofit universal dribble bar

Northern Irish manufacturer Slurryquip has released two new products to make dealing with slurry an easier job. The first is a tanker-mounted dribble bar that fits to the chassis rather…


Ploeger introduces high capacity spreaders

A high-capacity five-wheel “floater” application vehicle is being introduced in Europe and North America by the Ploeger Oxbo Group to complement the existing three-wheel version. The larger machine has powered…


French firm Pichon enters receivership

Leading French slurry tanker maker Pichon announced earlier this month that it has entered a six-month period of receivership. See also: Vredo mounts beet box on self-propelled tanker The company,…

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Vogelsang builds retrofit tanker-mounted trailing shoe

Family-owned Vogelsang has built its first dedicated Blackbird trailing shoe toolbar, with a redesigned distributor to help improve the accuracy of slurry spreading. See also:Advice on planning your slurry storage…

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