Slurrykat to launch high-output Doda umbilical pump

Italian pump maker Doda is to launch a high-pressure umbilical pump to the UK market, through its distributor Slurrykat.

The 2020 HD35 model carries over a lot of features from the previous AFI 35HD, which sold more than 6,000 units in 12 years.

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SlurryKat Doda

SlurryKat Doda

The main additions involve a new shaft and chopping system, which are stronger when encountering foreign objects. The shaft is 60% larger and the AFI rotating blade is now splined rather than screwed onto the shaft, and locked via a high-tensile nut.

Removing the blade for servicing is apparently easier, too.

There is also a 50% thicker pump body, and the firm’s optional Dura-Line system is available on the main wearing components, including the pump body, impeller and pressure plate.

These parts are made from “wear-resistant” metal to increase life and should be helpful for operators pumping a lot of sandy slurry.

Pressure has also been increased by 1.5bar and flow rates are up 20% to more than 400cu m/hour.

Prices are yet to be released.