Agritechnica 2019: Hardi adds top-spec Aeon sprayer

Hardi trailed sprayer

Hardi trailed sprayer © Jonathan Page

Hardi has replaced the manual valves and traditional plumbing system of its regular sprayers with an all-electric, screen-controlled setup.

The Aeon, which the Danish maker claims is its most sophisticated trailed sprayer yet, sits above both the Navigator (which tops out at 6,000-litre capacity) and Commander (up to 7,000 litres).

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A Topcon screen mounted above the induction hopper manages filling and washing functions, and should allow operators to complete fills in a more orderly and less rushed fashion.

The company says it has spent a lot of time fine-tuning the tank shape to reduce contents sloshing around, and therefore maintain better balance on the move. The result is a wedge-fronted tank, with the freshwater section mounted at the tip to keep a bit of weight on the sprung drawbar.

Initially, there will only be a 5,200-litre version, but two bigger models are likely to come soon after. The firm’s 36m Delta Force steel booms are standard and technology includes individual nozzle control and automatic nozzle selection. Pulse width modulation is likely to be added in the future.

There has been no official word on price.