Amazone launches 9,000-litre single-axle trailed sprayer

Amazone has introduced a brace of high-capacity, single-axle trailed sprayers with tank capacities of up to 9,000 litres and the option of booms as wide as 42m.

Previously, the maker’s largest tank offering on a single axle was 6,200 litres, with those seeking additional volume having to jump up to a huge 11,200-litre twin-axle machine.

To accommodate the additional payload, its new UX 7601 and UX 8601 (8,000- and 9,000-litre) models feature a lightweight chassis with a single sloped beam running from the drawbar to the axle.

In addition to keeping the overall weight down, Amazone says the sloping design helps distribute the load between the tractor and sprayer axle, and lowers the centre of gravity for better stability on undulating ground and when cornering.

Spray tanks have also been designed to improve the machine’s handling, with a narrow profile that allows the clean water tanks to be mounted either side. This helps keep the mass low down, particularly when the main tank is only partially filled.

Efforts have been made to keep the internal profile of the tank smooth, with minimal nooks and crannies for harbouring hard-to-clean residues.

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Spray packs

Both machines are driven by a pair of uprated self-priming, piston diaphragm pumps with larger-diameter pistons.

These are designed to give consistent output with high application rates and pressures, without putting undue stress on the diaphragms.

The spray pack is controlled by the firm’s so-called SmartCenter, which groups all valves and switch gear under a panel on the left side of the machine.

Entry-level models have manually operated valves, but higher-spec versions have a touchscreen terminal that brings in fancy features such as fully automated filling and cleaning cycles.

For those specifying wide booms and wanting to travel at high speeds, there’s the option of high-flow system that allows both pumps to be used for spraying, without compromising tank agitation.

Amazone UX7601

© Amazone


The new sprayers have been designed to work with Amazone’s Super-L3 four-fold booms, which are available in 39m, 40m or 42m working widths.

These have the option of pivot points at 12m, 24m and 33m, making it easy for the machine to be used on farms with narrower tramlines.

Boom guidance and vibration damping systems are included as standard and the end sections are aluminium with a pre-tensioned break-back system.

Buyers can also spec simpler Super L2 booms, which are available in three-fold configuration from 21-28m and four-fold from 27-40m.

Prices start from £124,830.

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