Boom height and cleaning systems updated on Fendt Rogator

Better boom stability and a quicker cleaning system are highlights of Fendt’s updated 645, 655 and 665 Rogator sprayers.

Adding two extra height sensors, taking the total to six, should help keep the boom on an even keel in uneven crops, and the central sensor has been repositioned away from the rear axle to keep it clear of debris.

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A separate clean water pump has also been fitted, which means the plumbing lines can be rinsed and cleared of chemical residue while the operator is still spraying.

Once the tank is nearly empty, the full cleaning process can start. 

This reduces overall cleaning time, making it quicker to switch between products and/or crop types.

An automatic shut-off system disengages the main 785-litre/min pump once cleaning has concluded to prevent it running dry.

All Rogator models are also now fitted with Altek electropneumatic nozzle bodies as standard.

These replace the fully electric, and sometimes troublesome, Arag versions, and are compatible with Fendt’s OptiNozzle automatic nozzle selection system, the single-line Hypro five-way rotary, an Altek twin-line and an Altek quad-line.

The new nozzle bodies don’t have diaphragms, nor do they have any dead-volume areas in which chemical residue might otherwise collect and remain after use.

This should make them more reliable than their predecessors, says Fendt.

As for the cab, the hands-free system has been improved, mirror mounts have been strengthened, and there’s the option of speccing a proper fridge.

Starting price of the smallest Rogator model, the 645, is £331,345. The updates also apply to the 655 and 665, with boom widths running from 24m to 39m.

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