Hardi switches to Cummins engines in sprayers

Sprayer firm Hardi has announced that it will be running only Cummins blocks in its self-propelled sprayer range.

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This sees an end to the Deutz engines previously used to power the Alpha models, with Hardi stating the move is in preparation for emissions regulations due to hit the industry in 2019 and 2020.

The engines – B4.5, B6.7 and L9 – are all Stage V compliant, with peak power of the L9 increased from 400hp to a whopping 430hp from the previous model, while adding an extra 13% peak torque, we’re told.

Hardi will take the first delivery of the new engines, that are built in Darlington, later this year.

Cummins B6.7 Stage V engine

Cummins B6.7 Stage V engine