Horsch debuts mounted Leeb CS sprayer range

Horsch now has the complete range of sprayers, having launched a mounted model to join its Leeb-branded self-propelled and trailed machines. 

The Leeb CS shares plenty of features in common with its more expensive stablemates, including the Active Drive boom control system that employs two hydraulic cylinders to keep the wings a constant 30cm from the crop.

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Leeb sprayer in field

© Horsch

Boom sizes range from 15m up to 30m, and users can select section control or individual nozzle shut-off for ultra-accurate application. Nozzle spacing can be adjusted down to 35cm and it uses electric valves.

Tank options are 1,400, 1,800 and 2,200 litres but, as its CS designation stands for “compact sprayer”, Horsch has kept the coupling distance to the tractor as tight as possible by using an A-frame linkage rather than relying on traditional link arm attachment.

This allows the operator to connect the hydraulics without having to squeeze between the sprayer and rear wheel before reversing closer to lift it up. The other advantage of this arrangement is that the weight is closer to the tractor, helped by a moulded hood at the top of the tank, that should mean it travels more smoothly.

Elsewhere, the induction hopper is the same as the self-propelled models, as is Horsch’s Continuous Cleaning System (CCS). There is also space for a clipboard, soap and nozzle spares in the induction hopper door, which should protect them from the worst of the mud flung from the rear wheels.

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