John Deere releases highest-capacity trailed sprayer

John Deere has launched its biggest ever trailed sprayer with tank volumes up to a bulky 7,500 litres.

The flagship R975i features boom widths from 24m up to 40m in either twin or triple-fold configurations.

Deere’s Powrspray dual-circuit spraying system is also on board to help speed-up filling times and improve application accuracy.

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An optional extra on both the M900i and R900i models is 25cm nozzle spacing, which adds an outlet between each 50cm nozzle.

There is also an additional nozzle at each end of the boom to eliminate underdosing at the tips.

All of Deere’s trailed sprayer ranges will benefit from the options launched last year on the R700i models, which include individual nozzle control.

A closed transfer system helps limit operator exposure to chemicals and reduce spillages and comes with an ISO-approved coupling, too.

Prices are yet to be announced.

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