Lamma 2019: Agrifac Condor sprayer

Whether you want a simple sprayer that gets the job done with the least amount of effort or something a lot more sophisticated, manufacturers at the Lamma show will have a solution.

We asked sprayer manufacturers for their guidance on what’s new and innovative at the 2019 event.

Agrifac (Hall 9)

The second-generation Condor Endurance self-propelled sprayer will be on the Agrifac stand, along with new technology called AiCPlus that can give individual or patches of weeds a shot of herbicide, or deliver fungicides and insecticides at a single-nozzle level of precision.

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This new tech employs boom-mounted cameras for target identification, individual nozzle on-off control, and a pulse width modulation spraying system to vary application rate at each spray tip.

The system requires algorithms developed by engineers but “calibrated” by growers to deliver meaningful results, the Dutch company says.

Its engineers are also developing a chemical direct injection system to work with the new technology, given that the total amount of chemical required for each field will depend upon what the detection system decides is needed.

Agrifac’s Condor Endurance II is an 8000-litre sprayer available with booms up to 55m wide and a lot more power thanks to a 100hp upgrade to a 9.6-litre Cummins engine developing 420hp.

There is a new layout inside the cab with a control joystick featuring two button pads, and a single touch screen for the vehicle and sprayer functions.

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