Lamma 2019: Hardi Navigator trailed sprayer

Whether you want a simple sprayer that gets the job done with the least amount of effort or something a lot more sophisticated, manufacturers at the Lamma show will have a solution.

We asked sprayer manufacturers for their guidance on what’s new and innovative at the 2019 event.

Hardi (Hall 11)

The Navigator Classic 3,000-litre trailed sprayer replaces Hardi’s Echo versions and has more equipment as standard, including adjustable axles and the DynamicFluid4 rate regulator system.

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This is designed to respond rapidly but also accurately to changes in forward speed, when turning in and out of headlands and when switching the spray lines on and off.

At its core is an Ace 650 Wet Seal centrifugal pump, which is said to be capable of a rate change from 60 litres/min to 120 litres/min in just 1.5 seconds, with a total range of zero to 650 litres/min.

Electronics repeatedly monitor pressure, flow, pump speed, forward speed, boom sections and application rate, measuring and re-calculating 20 times a second and with a “predictive” capability to calculate the adjustments needed for headland turns.

The Navigator Classic is open to any option on Hardi’s list, but to help spec choices there are two precision packages – one with Hardi’s HC 6500 controller or Isobus connection for a third-party terminal; and one with the more advanced HC 8600 touch-screen terminal which incorporates field mapping and AutoSection control when linked with GPS.

Both offer IntelliTrak steering and feature the Grip joystick control.


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