Lamma 2019: Knight 1800 self-propelled sprayer

Whether you want a simple sprayer that gets the job done with the least amount of effort or something a lot more sophisticated, manufacturers at the Lamma show will have a solution.

We asked sprayer manufacturers for their guidance on what’s new and innovative at the 2019 event.

Knight (Hall 9)

A number of updates for the Knight 1800 series self-propelled sprayer include the unusual option of a cab mounted lower than usual at the front of the vehicle.

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There are two principal benefits, the company says: it lowers the centre of gravity for increased stability working across slopes; and it permits a wider choice of boom sizes and configurations.

With the conventional cab position, which affords a commanding view from the seat, the Knight 1800 series can be fitted with wide booms only to a tri-fold design, whereas the lowered cab releases space to fit larger twin-fold booms, which are simpler, lighter and take less time to fold and unfold.

This development has involved moving the AdBlue tank from the front to the side of the vehicle, near to the main sprayer controls.

A new tool box and storage area on the machine will enable operators to carry all the tools and spare or replacement parts they need for in-field maintenance, with everything – including the sprayer controls – kept clean and dry behind panels.

The 1800 series is Knight’s smallest self-propelled sprayer with tank sizes up to 4,000 litres.