Lamma 2022: Chafer takes on Raven Hawkeye PWM system

Lincolnshire sprayer maker Chafer has become the UK importer for Raven’s Hawkeye pulse-width modulation system, which it will fit to almost any make and model of sprayer.

The kit uses pulses to control the flow of chemical to each valve, with the aim of giving a consistent spray pattern over a range of speeds and in changeable conditions.

Selling points include improved application accuracy, turn compensation, and the ability to keep working when regular sprayers are forced to stop.

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Hawkeye has an Isobus control system, so it can plug into any compatible spray controller with minimal modifications.

This means the firm can retrofit it to almost any modern machine without having to meddle with its original operating system.

The cost of having the system fitted to a 36m sprayer with an Isobus controller is about £28,000.


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