Landquip adds driven axle to new PowerTrac trailed sprayers

Suffolk maker Landquip has launched a new trailed sprayer range with the novel addition of a driven axle to improve performance in less favourable conditions.

The PowerTrac is propelled by the towing tractor’s 1,000-speed pto, which spins a load-sensing axial piston pump on the sprayer.

This fires oil to drive motors in the axle hubs, which, at maximum output, can add 130hp to the driveline.

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During the firm’s trials, that was enough to push a 6,000-litre model at 12kph over ploughed ground with the tractor out of gear.

However, full power is unlikely to be required for the most part, so operators can dial down the drive assistance in 20% steps through a small control box fitted in the tractor cab.

There’s also the choice of two forward and reverse speeds that top out at 18kph for in-field applications.

These are disengaged when the tractor’s clutch is depressed or neutral is selected, and the axle can be set to freewheel on the road.

According to Landquip, having an extra pair of driven wheels gives the outfit several advantages over twin-axle self-propelleds in challenging conditions.

In particular, slippage, soil disturbance and compaction can be reduced and loss of traction on banks is less likely. 

Steering is available as an option, as is an anti-lock braking system as an alternative to regular air-activated anchors.

Track widths range from 1.8m to 2m on UK models and Vredestein 710/70 R38 VF MultiFlex footwear is standard fitment.

Notable differences

Other notable differences compared to Landquip’s standard machines include a heavier-duty chassis and pneumatic axle suspension.

Tank capacities are 6,000, 7,000 or 8,000 litres, aluminium booms top out at 44m, and spray pump options range from 450 to 1,300 litres/min.

Pressurised agitation and boom recirculation are part of the package, as is pneumatic spray-line blow-out to eject chemical back to the tank or out via the nozzles prior to rinsing.

Automatic lubrication and central tyre inflation are offered as options.

Prices start at roughly £130,000.