More spray tip choice with Pentair Hypro Dual nozzle body

Pentair Hypro has introduced the Dual nozzle body to its individual on-off ProStop-E spray control setup as an alternative to the current Single version for added versatility in on-the-move nozzle selection.

ProStop-E is an isobus-compatible system providing electric individual nozzle on-off control across a sprayer’s boom.

While the Single version comes with a hand-rotated five-way nozzle body, the Dual design carries two pairs of spray tips.

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Operators select by hand which pair of tips they want to use and can then either remotely switch the two active tips so they spray individually or at the same time, or have them switch automatically via the sprayer controller.

The combination of tips fitted can provide different droplet characteristics for drift control or to suit various pesticide targets.

They can also be used with the same type but different sizes of spray tip to automatically cover a range of sprayer forward speeds – when working in hilly fields, for example – with consistent operating pressure and spray attributes.

The individual body on-off function means that sprayers with high-definition working width section control systems can minimise application overlaps.

A number of sprayer manufacturers are understood to be trialling the ProStop-E Dual system this year.

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