Small R-series John Deere trailed sprayers get extra tech

A new range of premium R700i trailed sprayers has been introduced by John Deere to offer more sophistication and technology options than the firm’s simpler M700 machines.

These sprayers take their cue from the larger R900i-series and self-propelled models, with luxuries such as Powrspray and single-nozzle control available to improve accuracy and speed up filling.

John Deere R732i-PowrSpray trailed sprayer

John Deere R732i-PowrSpray trailed sprayer

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Powrspray allows users to control the sprayer’s filling settings from the keypad on the machine, with pausing and fast-fill functions included. It also means operators can change spray volumes on the fly while still running at about 98% accuracy, says Deere.

The new models are available with tank sizes from 3,200-4,000 litres and booms widths starting at 18m and spanning to 30m. There is also the option of a closed-transfer system that is compatible with any unit on the market.

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