Vicon unveils updated T4 trailed sprayer range

Vicon has launched a T-series sprayer range that brings smarter technology and easier operation to its trailed line up.

The likely volume seller in the Kubota-owned company’s new fleet is the T4, which will offer boom widths of 21m to 40m (a mix of steel and aluminium) and tank capacities of 3,400, 4,000 and 4,600 litres.

The biggest of those will be Vicon’s top gun in the short term, but there’s a T6 on the horizon that will deliver a serious increase in output.

The potential self-propelled slayer will be available with tank capacities to 7,600 litres – the maximum load for a single axle – and 36m booms, offering growers the performance without the £250k price tag.

At the other end of the scale, the new T3 competes more closely with mounted setups. It can be ordered with 18m to 30m steel booms or 21m to 24m aluminium ones and a 2,600- or 3,200-litre tank capacity.

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Improved layout

Central to the redesign is a strong frame made from low-alloyed, heavy-duty steel and a tweaked tank layout that has lowered the centre of gravity to improve balance on undulating ground.

The changes have also made it low, short and relatively manoeuvrable, says Vicon – the biggest T4 measures just over 8m long, with the chassis shrunk to suit smaller tank sizes.

Hydraulic axle steering – a system the company first introduced in 2002 – helps with stability.

Vicon T4

It offers a turning angle of up to 32deg to follow the tractor around end-of-row turns, and headland management software can engage it with the spraying start/stop and boom lift/lower at the press of a button.

The turning circle is roughly 10.7m, with the adjustable track width set for regular arable farm use.

Track width can actually be adjusted from 1.5m to 2.25m, although most operators having to change frequently will be running bigger self-propelled units with hydraulically powered systems.

Other spec details worth noting include a maximum tyre size of 1.9m diameter and a change to the pto, which is lower and near to the drawbar to minimise the risk of catching it with the link arms.

Boom options

Both aluminium and steel booms are available, albeit in different width options.

They are connected to the main frame by a suspended parallelogram linkage that Vicon says provides a far smoother ride than a Lemken-style straight mast.

The T4 models also get axle and drawbar suspension, but T3 owners get only boom suspension to cushion the worst of the bumps.

There are a batch of Norac boom-levelling options, the most popular of which is the firm’s Boom Guide Comfort package.

This uses a pair of ultrasonic sensors to provide basic full-width adjustments and is a common £5,000 option on 24m setups.

The positive and negative contouring Pro version, at £10,000, controls the left and right boom sections independently by way of a three-sensor system.

The slickest setup – Pro Active – is useful on Vicon’s new boom kit that can work on 36m or 24m tramlines.

It carries five ultrasonic sensors to maintain height control, whether fully opened or folded to 24m, and is generally quicker to react to terrain changes.

Seven-section control comes as standard with the iXspray software, but it can be upped to 15 sections or single-nozzle accuracy – the latter using the firm’s iXflow E system.

It’s also possible to connect the sprayer to a smartphone via Hypro’s Penta Air app.

Once the operator has tapped in a password, different sections or nozzles can be turned on and off remotely to check for blockages and run pattern tests.

Vicon nozzle control

Chemical induction

The 37-litre chemical inductor carries three swirl nozzles, a powder agitator in the bottom and a container rinse nozzle.

Vicon says its continuous flow circulation prevents sedimentation in the spray line and avoids pressure differences that can cause inconsistent spray patterns.

Buyers can then spec the sophistication of their plumbing arrangement and automation of the valves from four options.

The most basic offers only the essentials – mechanical setups for the level indicator, suction valve and pressure valve.

Most popular is the £1,500 Comfort-grade, which is paired with a Focus 3 control box. It displays the tank level on the terminal and has automatic fill stop to prevent overfilling and minimise leftovers.

It also includes the ability to activate a single cleaning cycle from the cab. Serious operators can run an automatic triple cleaning system, but this is a £4,000 upgrade.

Parent company Kverneland continues to champion the virtues of Isobus compatibility, so the sprayer’s software can run through any certified tractor terminal. Nozzles, rates and job details can also be stored here, too.

It can be used in conjunction with the 11-button IsoMatch Grip joystick, which has up to 44 settable functions to get it working however you like.

Vicon iXtrack T4 4,000

Tank capacity

4,000 litres

Clean water tank

500 litres

Chemical inductor

37 litres

Standard tyres

270/95 R54

Empty weight


Width x height



24m, steel

Section control


T4 Price


T3 base price

£59,334 (24m booms, 3,200-litre tank)

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