Sulky set to launch new range of fertiliser spreaders

French maker Sulky says it will have a new range of DPX mounted fertiliser spreaders for this autumn.

It’s aimed at mixed farms and includes three models – the DPX 18 (9-18m working width), DPX 24 (12-24m) and DPX 28 (12-28m). There’s also a Vision WPB version of the DPX28 that includes on-board continuous weighing.

The feed chutes regulate the spreading width by simply modifying the point where the fertiliser drops on to the discs. That means you never need to change cogs, plates or vanes, says UK importer Reco, even when spreading late in the season.

To control the application rate, a pressed stainless steel hopper bottom enables a constant flow practically to the last kg of product. The oscillating regulators ensure that the fertiliser flows smoothly, says the company, no matter what the quantity in the hopper.

Multi-overlapping is achieved via graduated spreading vanes of different lengths and the manual application rate and width settings, which are located at a convenient height, can be operated in complete safety.

The new range of spreaders will be available with the Tribord 2D border spreading system. It’s standard on the DPX 28 and optional on the DPX 18 and 24 and is controlled electrically from the driver’s cab.

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