Swarfega offers new range of moisturiser for ingrained dirt

You can normally tell a farmer by glancing at their dirt-ridden hands, but hand-wash maker Swarfega has launched a new product range for getting rid of deep-rooted smells.

The Derbyshire firm’s new five-model series is called Tough and was trialled on six farmers during normal life where they scored 4.5 out of 5 for removing the smell from hands, we’re told.

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The skin products can not only remove smells such as silage, but also help cracked or dry hands while removing years of stubborn dirt.

Along with the £5.99 hand wipes, there is a £4.99 hand cleanser, a £2.49 shower gel, a £2.99 skin protection cream and SPF 30 sun cream for £4.99.

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