Techneat improves the Terracast seeder

An improved version of the TerraCast V2 has been launched by Techneat Engineering. The company says it has several new features that make it more accurate and easier to use and has been developed jointly with farm electronics specialists Robydome.

A new GPS speed control option is available to govern seed rate according to forward speed, which is particularly important for TerraCast machines fitted to modern min-till cultivation equipment that can seed at high work rates.

Allied to this is a new variable-output metering mechanism (fitted as standard) that can be coupled to the speed monitor to deliver consistent application rates and give infinitely adjustable output.

Techneat says the new metering mechanism is equally accurate for seeding a large range of crops with varying seed rates, including oilseed rape, grass and wildflower mix and slug pellets.

Other monitoring equipment options for the new TerraCast V2 include a hopper level sensor to provide operators with early warning of when seed levels are running low. It also has an optional speed flow sensor that can be installed to provide a constant check of application rate and instantly pinpoint any variation.

The machine is said to be easy to mount to a wide range of cultivation equipment. It can also be quickly swapped between equipment to enable farmers to select the most appropriate techniques for the soil conditions.

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