Blue LEDs lengthen crop spraying day

Bedfordshire company Wilderness Lighting is the latest company to offer blue LEDs for spraying.

Two powerful blue lights at the centre of the boom shine outwards along the boom, providing an easy way to spot if a nozzle is blocked or the spray pattern on any one of the nozzles looks awry.

The lights also allow you to safely spray at dusk when the wind often drops.  

Each of the Compact 4 lights are fitted with four 10W LEDs with a spot beam reflector giving 3,200 lumens of light drawing just 2.8A.

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The lights are very tough, says the company, and water- and dust-proof to IP68 and IP69K standards, which means you can use a pressure washer on them without fear of moisture getting in.

The light housings are made from aluminium coated with UV-resistant black paint to stop chipping and fading.

The 3mm Lexan lens is said to be optically transparent despite being unbreakable and scratch-resistant. There’s also a five-year replacement guarantee.   

The kit contains two Compact 4 Blue boom LEDs, 3m twin-outlet power cable and two 12m waterproof extension leads.

The company is currently offering a complete kit that includes the lights, the power harness and two 12m extension leads for £119 including VAT.

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