Agritechnica 2019: Fendt boosts portfolio with telehandler

In its quest to offer a full line of agricultural equipment, Fendt has added a telehandler to its ballooning machinery portfolio.

But rather than stick to the conventional handler format, the German maker has opted for a more left-field machine with a hydraulically lifting cab.

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Behind the paintwork this is, in fact, a Sennebogen 355e, which would be more typically found in industrial applications such as recycling plants. Here, the lifting cab allows operators to peer into waste processing machines or see over large piles of material.

At full height, the driver’s eye line sits at about 4.25m and thanks to a pedal on the cab floor the height is infinitely adjustable. Remarkably, it can be used while the machine is on the move.

Key stats include a 5.5t lift capacity, 8.5m reach and a Z-bar linkage to improve the breakout force. The build is also reassuringly heavy duty, with a huge boom, headstock and chassis, all of which means it weighs 11.8t.

At the moment, the handler is fitted with an FPT engine, but by the time it’s available in mid-2020 Fendt says it will have a 167hp Cummins six-cylinder.

Apparently, more Fendt components and features will be added over time. There will be additional models, too.