Clever Quickie loaders to make debut in Stoneleigh

Loader manufacturer Quickie will give punters their first look at its new Q series loader at Grassland & Muck, which it claims has improved visibility by 30% thanks to the new arm design.

Alongside the loader, the company is launching Q-companion, which is its first-ever operator support system for a loader made-up of four sensors, with information fed back to a digital in-cab screen.

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This provides the user with precise details on the angle and height of loader, weight of feed or bale lifted, and remaining capacity. Maintenance records and service intervals are also logged on the sat-nav style box.

Grassland & Muck 2017

Grassland & Muck logo reading Grassland & Muck, 24-25 May 2017, Stoneleigh, WarwickshireThis year’s Grassland and Muck is the place to see all the latest developments in the world of farm machinery, including from some of the major players in the GPS sector.

Visitors can find out how to save cash by improving the accuracy of applications, as well as how to make the most of new, more sophisticated operating systems.

Visit the Grassland & Muck website for more information.


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