Grower helps develop Teli-squeeze grab for veg boxes

A purpose-built box grab has enabled a large-scale pumpkin grower to save time, improve safety, and reduce the number of tractors needed when moving wooden crates.

Warwickshire-based outfit DJ Beards has worked with EJ Engineering Group to develop the custom Teli-squeeze attachment, which allows operators to move multiple boxes simultaneously.

The design features telescopic arms that extend sideways and spring-loaded folding gates that swing around to clamp the crates in place.

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In their “unclamped” position, the arms are narrower than the width of a box, allowing operators relatively easy access to trailers – no matter whether they’re being unloaded from one side or an end.

When picking them up, the hydraulic system is automatically sequenced to extend the arms first, then fold around second. This process is then reversed when dropping them off.

Clamp pressure is controlled by a pressure relief valve, which can be adjusted by the operator should it need some fine-tuning. 

Sam Beards of DJ Beards estimates that the new implement had increased box handling speed by 30-40%, allowing him to switch from two loader tractors with pallet forks to a single telehandler with the Teli-squeeze attachment.

The other bonus is that boxes are supported while they’re moved, eliminating any risk of instability leading to them toppling over.

Production models

EJ Engineering Group currently offers three Teli-squeeze models, which are available with a range of attachment brackets. 

These include the B2 for moving two stacked boxes (£9,700), the B3 for three boxes (£10,950) and the four-box B4 (£11,900).

The company also intends to produce other versions capable of clamping different size crates and pallets.

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