Merlo unveils new range-topping telehandler

Merlo has added a new telehandler at the top of its current ag-spec Turbo Farmer line-up that replaces the P55.9 CS.

The TF65.9 model boasts some hefty lifting statistics, with its maximum capacity of 6,500kg and reach of 8.8m making it ideal for straw contractors and those involved in waste handling.

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Under the bonnet is a 4.5-litre four-cylinder FPT engine that develops 170hp and meets Stage 5 regulations using a particulate filter and SCR. It can be paired with either a hydrostatic transmission or the firm’s CVTronic setup.

Both units get Eco Power Drive, which controls and adjusts engine rpm automatically to achieve an estimated 18% reduction in fuel use.

This includes three modes – “eco” helps cut diesel consumption during light work and “speed control” maintains a constant speed regardless of any power draw caused by operating the hydraulics. The final “heavy load” function provides full power when it is needed for loading work.

The high-flow hydraulic system uses a variable displacement pump with an output of 160 litres/min, and there are several features that help the operator speed up cycle times through the flow-sharing electronic distributor.

An automated set point memorises the headstock position and returns it at the press of a button, while the so-called floating mode engages the boom suspension until the front attachment touches the deck, at which point it will follow the ground contours. This could be handy for a bucket brush or snow blade.

The TF65.9’s 1,010mm-wide cab is fully suspended as standard and gets a 10.1in touchscreen that allows the operator to adjust machine limits, the speed of hydraulics and record the number of loads.

The new model is expected to be available from April 2021. Price for a TF65.9 hydrostatic is £120,917, while the CVT machine is £128,611.