Ultimate guide to buying a telehandler 2022

Newcomers and new features are scattered throughout the Ultimate Guide to Telehandlers and Telescopic Wheeled Loaders for 2022.

We see newcomer Venieri, a new addition to the Kramer range, more powerful models from Manitou and some green features from Merlo. Read more detail in the report and download the full telehandler listings below.

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Download the full 2022 telehandler listings 


Bobcat TL38 70HF

Latest Bobcat telehandlers have cab interior upgrades and new auto functions © Bobcat

Although the latest Bobcat line-up continues with three “compact” and four “large” models providing lift capacities from 2.6t to 4.3t and lift heights from 6m to 8m, the 75hp engine has been dropped and the three most powerful versions get a 5hp raise to 135hp.

There are new automated features to reduce the operator’s workload, including “auto grab”, which requires just one firm press of a roller switch to close or open attachments like a muck fork, and “return to ground” that automatically retracts the boom and prevents the bucket crashing to the floor.

And anyone who has put a telehandler attachment through a shed roof will appreciate the maximum lift height restrictor.


Claas Scorpion 732 Varipower

New twin motor transmission features in certain Claas Scorpion handlers © Claas

The Scorpion 635, 732, 736, 741 and 1033 telehandlers have a new twin-motor hydrostatic transmission providing three speed ranges as before – 0-15kph, 0-30kph and 0-40kph to suit different applications – but improved efficiency and reduced noise levels.

With two motors contained in a single housing, there are no drive transfer gears; and reduced oil drag at higher speeds improves power efficiency and fuel economy.

The 746 Varipower and 756 and 960 Varipower Plus models continue unchanged with a single wide-angle hydrostatic pump and motor.


Fendt Cargo T740

Fendt Cargo lifts 4t and has unique lifting cab for maximum visibility

A second telehandler introduced by Fendt has a lift capacity of 4t and a lift height of 7.7m to suit typical farm applications.

The Cargo T740 also features Fendt’s unique lifting cab, which takes the operator’s eyes to just over 4m for a clear view into a trailer or diet feeder through the roof-to-floor windscreen.

Power comes from a 136hp Cummins engine and a 170-litre variable-output pump keeps the oil flowing.


This range of telescopic wheeled loaders from China is listed for the first time, all powered by 49-100hp Xinchai engines, but with a 100hp Cummins and four-speed powershift transmission option being available for the 2.5t/4.5m 825T model.


JCB Loadall 538-70

JCB Loadall 538-70 has slotted into the range with 3.8t lift and 7.01m light height © JCB

The 538-70 has joined the Loadall line-up with 3,800kg maximum lift capacity and 7.01m of lift height.

It’s available with a 109hp engine and four-speed torque converter lock-up transmission; 130hp and four-speed powershift; and 130hp or 150hp with six-speed auto powershift and DualTech VT hydrostatic/powershift transmissions.

The latter option includes full-time four-wheel drive switchable to rear-wheel drive only for road travel and all variants have 140-litre/min hydraulics.


Kramer KT144

Kramer KT144 is an ultra-compact addition to the range © Kramer

The KT144 hydrostat is a newcomer to the Kramer range for operators wanting an ultra-compact machine with 1.45t lift capacity to 4.48m, while the KT3610 caters at the other end of the performance spectrum.

The larger machine has a maximum lift capacity of 3.6t and will take 1.5t to a full height stretch of 9.5m.

Power comes from a 136hp Deutz engine coupled to a 140-litre/min hydraulics package.


Manitou MLT 961

More muscle for the Manitou MLT 961 comes from a 160hp Yanmar diesel © Manitou

In addition to a new version of the MLT 741 telehandler with six-speed powershift in place of hydrostatic drive and a 130hp rather than 136hp engine, Manitou has introduced a more powerful version of the MLT 961.

The newcomer replaces 141hp Deere power with a 156hp four-cylinder Yanmar motor, extending the use of this engine to a higher output level.

Equipped with a 200-litre/min hydraulics system as before, the 6t capacity, 9m lift machine is designed for repeated bulk handling applications.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson TH.8043

The familiar ‘Power Controller’ from MF tractors is now also found in the TH telehandlers © Massey Ferguson

The latest Massey Ferguson TH telehandlers sourced from the Bobcat factory have a number of new control functions and cab interior upgrades such as a higher-spec air suspension seat, a new joystick and vehicle instruments presented on a 7in colour display.

However, unique to the MF machines is the Power Controller that operators will be familiar with from MF tractors; in this application it allows left-hand up and down shifts as well as forward/reverse power shuttle shifting using the one lever.


Merlo E-Worker

Merlo E-Worker has emissions-free electrically powered wheel motors © Merlo

Another contender for green materials handling credentials – the eWorker – is a new from-the-ground-up machine from Merlo.

It comes as the 25.5-60 with 44kW (60hp) and two-wheel drive, and the 25.5-90 with 66kW (90hp) and four-wheel drive, using electric wheel motors at the front, plus a third motor flanged to the rear axle on the four-wheel drive version.

Lift capacity of 2,500kg and 4.8m lift height give the machines usable performance.


With 204hp from its tail-mounted Deutz engine, Schaffer’s latest 9660 T telescopic wheeled loader takes the most powerful title among machines of its type.

The range-topper is also available with a 177hp motor (still 20hp up on its predecessor) and both lift 4.8t to 6.10m and up to 5.3t max.

Two-speed hydrostatic drive and a hydraulics package with 196- or 230-litre/min pump also feature.


The Italian manufacturer is a new listing for this year, with two hydrostatic-drive telescopic wheeled loaders.

With 1.25t lift capacity to 3.7m or 3.2t to 5.28m using Yanmar and Deutz power, respectively, the duo covers different farm application requirements.


The German manufacturer has moved its telehandler range into the 7m class with two new models – the T7035 with 3.5t maximum lift capacity and the T7042 lifting 4.2t.

Both lift to a pivot pin height of 7.3m and stand 2.45m to the top of the cabin, while they weigh 7.25t and 7.65t, respectively.

A Perkins 904J-E36TA engine sits between the right-hand wheels to provide power options of 102hp, 122hp and 136hp, driving through a two-speed hydrostatic transmission.

Weidemann T7042

The Weidemann T7042 is the heavier-lifting of two first-time 7m handlers © Weidemann

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