The Royal Show is for farmers – Haymarket Land Events

DOMINIQUE LORAL, managing director of Haymarket Land Events, organisers of the Royal Show, affirmed on Sunday (July 3) that there was no doubt the show was primarly for the farming industry.

When asked about the show’s target audience, Ms Loral said: “We have not invited the public to the show this year. We will obviously not stop people from coming, but all our marketing has been in the farming press, aimed at farmers.”

She further said that no other show in the country brings together all aspects of British agriculture like the Royal Show, adding that at a time when the industry is going through a tough period, it is important every now and then to stop and reflect on what is good about the industry.

“This show is a celebration of the very best of British agriculture in all its aspects – including the many ways in which farmers are diversifying their businesses,” Ms Loral said.


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