Tillage-Live: Horsch Terrano put new cultivators on display

Horsch’s two new cultivators were both in the ground at Tillage-Live. The Terrano FM and Terrano MT join the German firm’s bestseller – the mounted FX version – in offering a combination of tines and discs.

The Terrano FM heavy-duty cultivator uses four rows of tines followed by levelling discs and a rear double flexi-press.

In wet conditions the chassis can be used for depth control, which means less weight is transferred to the packer roller. The FM can also be used without the packer roller because the fourth row of tines lies behind the chassis.

The 5m version will sap anything from 205hp to 300hp and prices start at £30,000.

The MT cultivator, designed for both shallow mixing and deep loosening, employs a disc harrow at the front, with two rows of narrow, low disturbance tines behind.

The deep working tines are designed to loosen the subsoil without bringing clods to the surface. The front-mounted discs mix the topsoil and bury trash, with a steel disc packer consolidating at the rear.

The smallest 4.4m version carries a £42,000 price tag.

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