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Spreaders in the Bunning range – including this 14.6cu m/15t capacity Lowlander 120 HBD horizontal beater machine – can be equipped with a choice of weighing and recording systems.

These record individual and cumulative weights, regulate application rate according to forward speed, or continually weigh the contents to regulate application rate more accurately for maximum use of known nutrient content from materials such as poultry litter. As on a fertiliser spreader, adjustable vanes on the 1.1m diameter discs below the beaters adjust spread pattern and an adjustable hood alters the feed-on point to influence spread widths up to 24m. Working in 12m bouts then gives double-overlap application evenness across the field. A top-spec package is priced around £45,000.


Muck NorthWest 2011 028Unlike most vertical beater spreaders, the rotors on West machines contra-rotate outwards so that, together with the spring-loaded side panels, the debris that finds its way into manure heaps and lagoons has a chance of escaping rather than becoming lodged between the rotors. Horizontal swinging flails at the base of the rotors add to the muck flinging effect.




muckwest2A larger capacity addition to the long-established West Dual Spreader range carries more than 13,600 litres of slurry and operates on 15t capacity running gear. An internal auger running at just 8rpm moves contents forward to the front-mounted side impeller, which on this model has bolt-on rather than weld-on tips for the shredding/flinging tines. A cam arm-operated oscillating panel opposite the rotor is designed to prevent bridging. List price is £27,700.


Muck NorthWest 2011 039The K-Two Duo 1200 is the second largest of six sizes forming the new MkV range featuring a 12% increase in load capacity and faster-spinning twin vertical beaters for a finer spread of material. Capacity gains come from a full height slurry door and giving the monocoque body sides bigger flared sections. This also allows bigger wheels and tyres to be fitted without increasing the overall width of the spreader. The rotors are fed by four floor chains of 14mm marine specification and close-spaced slats, and the rotors now spin at 417rpm for a finer, wider spread. Reversible points are fitted and alternative paddles are available to suit different materials. Re-designed spinners are said to improve spreading of high water-content materials; braking and ground clearance are also improved over the MkIV.


Muck NorthWest 2011 077The Bomech slurry applicator shown by HiSpec on its 8700-litre (2300 gallon) vacuum tanker unfolds from a tidy 2.55m transport position to 7.5m wide for either trailing-shoe (lowered) application on grass or dribble-bar (raised) application in arable crops. The mounting arrangement is such that the tanker’s splash plate can still be used if required. As with all HiSpec tankers of more than 7500-litres (2000 gallons) capacity, this model, running on 28.1R26 radial tyres has a stepped axle to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. The complete rig is priced around £36,000.


And if you prefer your fertiliser from a bag, then this clever tool could be useful, says the Finnish company that makes it, Raimo.

The Big Bag Dispenser has been used in Finland by farmers for the past 70 years, and can be fitted to any type of big bag in seconds by punching the lining of the bag with a pair of knife blades that are attached to the dispenser.

The lining is tightly secured by turning a locking ring and this allows the flow of material to be controlled to the exact quantity required by opening and closing a sliding chute. Any unused material can be stored by twisting off the extension tube and putting the bag down on the ground with the main part of the dispenser still attached.

It costs around £90. Watch a video.

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