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SimbaSimba CCR

Simba has launched a roller designed to offer an alternative to traditional Cambridge rings.

Dubbed the CCR, it is made of recycled car tyres fitted with plastic cups that form an indentation in the soil, designed to aid water retention and reduce soil erosion.

The rubber carcass of the roller flexes, meaning that soil is not encouraged to stick in damp conditions, allowing growers to get on the land earlier, says Simba.

Three sizes are available, 6.5m, 7.4m and 8.3m, which weigh 3.4t, 3.8t and 4t, respectively.

Prices start from £8400.

RemecRemac drill

Remac – Kent-based importer of French Techmagri tillage tackle – has developed a novel one-pass drilling rig.

The Remac Once uses a cranked leg soil-loosener working at 10-25cm (4-10in) and two rows of wavy-edged discs.

These are followed by heavy pig-tail tines. Spaced at 24cm (9in), they can be fitted with a choice of knife coulters for drilling beans or wider sweep-points to drop two split rows of cereal seed.

Fitted with an Accord hopper and metering system, a 3m unit costs £16,000 and requires a tractor of 150hp.


The event presented German firm Lemken with a chance to showcase its sprayer range to the UK public for the first time.

The line-up extends from a mounted unit with 15m booms and a 3300-litre capacity, up to a 6000-litre trailed machine with 39m booms.

Built at the RTS plant in Germany, the Primus units are the firm’s mid-range offering and come in various sizes up to 4400-litre capacity 33m booms.

The firm’s larger EuroTrain models feature a boom set-up where pipework and nozzles are enclosed in aluminium tubing.

Zurn HeaderSTS Hillmaster

A new Zurn header is now available for John Deere combines.

The Premium Flow table is based on JD’s 25ft and 30ft standard units, but has extended knife-to-auger clearance.

Like Massey Ferguson’s Powerflow headers, the table is fitted with belts which pick up the crop and feed it evenly towards the main cross-auger.

John Deere also announced that its single-rotor STS combines are now available in Hillmaster format, which, with sieve and axle slope correction, can compensate for side slopes of up to 22°.

To the rear a new chaff spreader is said to be capable of flinging crop residue out to the combine’s full 30ft working width.

LandiniLandini glam 5

In a deliberate effort to generate interest in its new Landpower and Powermaster tractors, Landini used the age-old tactic of draping scantily clad ladies over its machines.

And it worked, so we hear…


Best known for its ploughs, Dowdeswell says it is experiencing more and more demand for minimum tillage kit.

The company showed off its front mounted Levelling Disc Cultivator – LDC – working in combination with a Tine Disc Cultivator – TDC.

The latter, which incorporates heavy wing-tipped tines, wave-edged discs and rubber packer roller, requires a 150hp tractor and costs £10,900.


Caruelle sprayers made their first appearance in their Sprays and Sprayers arena. 

The 3400-litre trailed Olympia has full electronic controls in place of traditional mechanical valves, all hidden under a one-piece hood at the front end.

Pricing for the unit is expected to be about £24,000, which includes all the optional extras such as the firm’s boom lighting for night-time spraying.


Househam has unveiled a new 5000-litre self-propelled unit with a top speed of 50kph.

The upgrade had come about by using larger motors and beefed-up brakes on each wheel.

The sprayer itself gains a 1000 litres/min fast-fill function, while boom widths are from 24m to 36m.

Price will be about £80,000.

Heva VectorHe-Va Vector

Opico unveiled its new mounted Fanterra drill as part of its HE-VA range of cultivation kit.

Sprung levelling paddles run ahead of two banks of scalloped disc-coulters.

A following harrow ensures seed-to-soil contact ahead of a rubber packer roller and secondary following harrow.

Its 1500-litre hopper can be split for simultaneous grain and fertiliser drilling, an option which necessitates the addition of a set of cultivator discs.

Power requirement for a £22,855 4m folding version is 150hp to 160hp.


Designed by Holme Farm Services, the LiteTrac tractor unit is powered by a 260hp Cummins engine.

In sprayer format the machine can be fitted with a 6500-litre tank and up to 48m wide Pommier booms.

The transmission is a six-forward, three-reverse ZF powershift unit capable of 50kph on the road.

Options include tyre inflation on the move, GPS steering and trailer brakes.

Pricing is about £85,000 as a tractor unit, reaching £130,000 when fitted with a top-spec sprayer.


Previously imported by RECO, AgriSem cultivation kit is now brought into the UK direct by the French manufacturer.

This trailed Disc-O-Sem stubble cultivator/seeder uses a row of scalloped discs to create a tilth and then drops seed in front of another row of covering discs.

A tyre packer firms the soil and a following harrow provides the final finish.

Coupled to a 120hp-150hp tractor, a 4m unit can be used to sow crops at up to 20kph (12mph).

Fitted with a 1050-litre hopper and the firm’s own metering system, it costs £24,000.


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