Autopowr gearbox added to JD’s 6M options

John Deere’s popular four-cylinder 6M models are now available with an Autopowr stepless gearbox.

However, the company says it won’t be offering the cheaper Directdrive transmission on these models as it wants to keep a “clear product differentiation between 6M and 6R”.

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The new box option sits alongside the existing 24×24 auto powershift Command Quad and bombproof 24-speed Powr Quad and Auto Quad transmissions. 

Buyers will also have the option of using basic Autotrac guidance features in the A-pillar screen without investing in a purpose-built monitor. This could save around €3,500 (£3,160), says Deere, but the slimmed-down version inevitably limits the number of features available.

An Autotrac

It will no doubt serve as an appealing compromise for those occasional GPS users, wishing to drive in a straight line and store up to 10 tracks in the memory while saving a few quid, along with a bit of cab clutter.

Deere is also in the midst of a full-scale company restructure. This will see it change its business model to focus on supplying farmers with everything needed to grow the crops for 12 months, including implements and broader farm technology, rather than simply being a machinery builder.

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