Landini launches slimmer orchard tractor

Italian tractor firm Landini is adding an extra-narrow orchard tractor to its existing fruit farm fleet.

The Rex 4-100 F is a 95hp model and can slip through gaps of 1.3m wide, ideal for tightly spaced fruit trees.

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Power comes from a modest 2.9-litre, four-cylinder engine offering more low-rev torque than the other models, while the new eco pto and 40kph transmission should help the new tractor to be more frugal on fuel.

A three-speed powershift box means operators can quickly adjust their speed when towing or during in-field work without losing momentum by pressing the clutch.

A forward and reverse powershuttle means changing direction is simpler, too.

Front-axle suspension is standard and helps the front wheels keep traction on sticky ground, while also improving ride comfort.

There are six other power outputs available in the range from 69hp to 111hp.

The Landini Rex 4