Low-spec 4700M models join Massey Ferguson’s sub-100hp range

Massey Ferguson has unveiled a trio of low-spec M-badged tractors that replace its existing 4700 range, which now runs from 82hp to 100hp.

These will slot in below the Agritechnica-launched 5700Ms and are designed to offer simple, no-frills horsepower.

Buyers looking for more toys will be pointed in the direction of S-badged derivatives, which start in the range above.

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The new tractors’ stand-out feature is the option of a 24-speed Dyna-2 gearbox.

This serves up six gears in two ranges, plus two button-controlled powershift steps.

Both speed matching and brake-to-neutral are standard, but the firm’s steering-column-mounted Powershuttle is an extra.

Top speed is 40kph and it comes at a relatively low 1,850rpm.

Keep costs down

However, those looking to keep costs down can stick with Massey’s old-school 12-speed mechanical transmission.

The 100hp MF 4710M now heads the range, followed by the 4790M and 4708M.

The smallest 75hp version from the old line-up has been scrapped.

All three models have the same Agco Power three-cylinder, 3.3-litre engine.

Emissions standards

This meets the Stage 5 emissions standard using a combination of SCR with AdBlue, a DOC and soot catalyst, which requires occasional regeneration.

All of the emissions-related gubbins is buried under the cab to reduce its impact on visibility.

Other changes include a new dashboard and uprated wheel rims that will allow a wider choice of tyre sizes.

Prices for the 4708M start at £49,400 with the 12-speed gearbox, while the 4710M comes in at £53,630.

Upgrading to the Dyna-2 transmission adds £2,970.

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