Lynx develops RT Series plastic-wrapped tractor ballast blocks

A combination of an attractive appearance and positive environmental credentials may seem an unlikely sales pitch for a humble ballast block, but that is what Lynx Engineering claims for the latest addition to its already comprehensive range of tractor weights.

The new RT Series front-linkage mounted blocks are made from recycled concrete wrapped in pre-coloured, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that is also from recycled sources, so there is little in the way of virgin steel and no paint involved.

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HDPE advanced thermoplastic is durable, impact resistant and impervious to water and cleaning fluids.

Because it does not peel or discolour, it presents a smart initial finish that will be maintained throughout its life, reckons Lynx.

Four sizes are available – 800kg, 900kg, 1,000kg and 1,200kg – and some versions come with an integral 45-litre capacity toolbox.

All have lower lift arm pins, a top link upright with a towing clevis and pin, and each can be customised with a user’s name or logo.

The RT Series blocks join Lynx Engineering’s Wel-Weight magnetite weights, which have a steel case enclosing a material with two and a half times the density of reinforced concrete – so they can be smaller and sleeker for the same mass.

Sizes span 600-1,200kg with a 500kg add-on weight available.

Much the same attributes as the Magnetite blocks are claimed for the monobloc and more flexible, two-part drive-in weights made from a cast mineral composite in sizes 800-2,000kg.

Also available are Mufo cast steel weights in 600-1,500kg sizes, including versions for mounting on a tractor’s front weight frame; cast concrete 650-1,500kg blocks; concrete and steel Mono multi-block designs for variable 650-1,500kg ballast; and both Eco-Box and Pro-Weight ballast toolboxes from 1,050-2,000kg.

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