Clever Teknoax axles automatically adjust trailer tyre pressure

The result of a collaboration between some of Europe’s top axle and trailer makers has seen the development of technology that can alert owners to running gear maintenance demands based on the trailer’s use.

The Teknoax 2.0 project has been co-ordinated by Italian axle manufacturer ADR, and its latest axles now feature a communication system that can track the performance and maintenance of each unit.

In practice, it means axles under harsh working conditions will have more frequent maintenance intervals, to which the user will be alerted.

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There is also a tyre pressure adjustment system that automatically alters the pressure to suit ground conditions, which should help to reduce wear on component parts. 

Along with ADR, the other firms involved in the EU-funded project are French suspension maker Colaert, Rina – one of Italy’s leading engineering companies – and Slovenian company Farmtech, which helped with the real-world testing of the axles.