#corncart21 campaign promotes farm trailer safety at harvest

Ahead of the busy harvest season, a group of industry organisations have put their weight behind the #corncart21 campaign, aimed at promoting trailer safety and maintenance to operators hauling grass and grain.

The campaign, which has been introduced by Tilly Pass and supported by the National Farmers Union and the Farm Safety Foundation, is encouraging users to download the “Head to Tow” app before the season kicks off.

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Via the smartphone app or Tilly Pass website, farmers can view trailer manufacturers’ manuals and recommended daily checklists free of charge, with Richard Western, Bailey, Larrington and Stewart just a few of the makers involved.

Completing daily checks is something most conscientious operators would do as a matter of course, but logging it somewhere as proof, and flagging any defects or repairs that are needed, is essential to keep the kit road legal.

The Tilly Pass scheme was set up to provide an industry standard trailer inspection certificate.

It involves an 18-point maintenance assessment for trailers weighing 10t or more and is carried out by a host of registered agricultural dealerships across the country. 

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