Dump trailers recalled following fatal accident

Northern Ireland-based NC Engineering is recalling a number of its more recently manufactured dump trailers as investigations into a fatal accident two years ago continue.

A man in his late teens was fatally injured in October 2015 when he tried to unblock the tail door on the NC 300-series Power Tilt dump trailer he was operating, after a stone got jammed there.

The incident is being investigated by the Health and Safety Authority for the Republic of Ireland.

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In response, NC Engineering is now recalling all such trailers manufactured after 2007 to retrofit a kit to make it safer.

In a statement the company said: “On trailers manufactured prior to 2007, a door mechanism which is not freely moveable or damaged must be replaced before the trailer is used.

“On trailers manufactured from 2007 a retrofit kit must be fitted by an NC dealer.”

NC Engineering explains that the design of the trailer changed in 2007 and describes the chances of a blockage occurring in any of its trailers as “unlikely”.

Details of how to safely remove blockages in tail doors, should they occur, can be obtained from dealers or on the NC Engineering website under “NC – Safety Alert”.

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