Lamma 2024: Richard Western adds Hardox-bodied MP18 trailer

By blending features of its SRT stone trailers and Suffolk grain/silage models, Richard Western has created a heavy-duty multipurpose machine that can handle rougher work.

The MP18 has an 18t maximum payload and the body is constructed out of Hardox steel to give additional strength without adding excessive weight.

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Other beefed-up components include a sprung drawbar with bolt-on hitch ring, 10-stud commercial axles, 100mm-wide twin-leaf spring parabolic suspension and galvanised mudguards.

Prices start at £38,000 with standard BKT Ridemax 560/60 R22.5s tyres and an array of LED lights, including side markers and a beacon. It also comes with the choice of load-sensing air or hydraulic brakes.

Plenty of optional extras are on the table, including silage sides, a headboard-mounted front-to-rear sheet, grain chute, ABS, auto-slack adjusters and larger 600/55 R26.5 tyres.

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