Smyth launch 50cu m tri-axle silage trailer

Irish trailer maker Smyth has unveiled a new high-capacity tri-axle hauler for silaging contractors.

The trailer was custom fabricated at the firm’s facility in Garryhill, Co. Carlow and is based on its slope-fronted SuperCube range.

It measures-up 7.6m long, 2.55m wide and 3.9m high, giving a capacity of about 50cu m.

Demand has been driven by contractors having to haul longer distances during silage season, particularly as dairy farms get bigger and land becomes more fragmented.

The challenge for Smyth was to maintain decent manoeuvrability, so the company worked with Distag to develop a bolt-on, tri-axle forced steering system that works both forwards and in reverse.

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It uses a mini ball located next to the tractor’s hitch, which is connected via an adjustable push rod to the steering’s hydraulic system.

The push rod forces oil to enter the left or right hydraulic cylinder and, because it’s a closed, pressurised system, the displaced oil forces the steering axles to turn.

This has helped trim the turning circle, reduce scrubbing and keep the trailer tracking in line with the tractor’s wheels.

Standard running gear includes 560/60 R22.5 low ground pressure tyres and a single-leaf spring fitted to the drawbar to reduce hitch wear on the towing vehicle. The three 105kph-rated commercial axles use 420x180mm brake shoes.

Underneath, the chassis is sprung-suspended with reduced flex to handle greater weights than the old style torque-arm system.

The steel body comes with removable silage sides, a hydraulic tailboard and full LED lighting.

There’s been no confirmation of price yet, but expect to pay about £31,000.