Transtacker to be sold across Europe

German sprayer company Inuma and Big Bale Co (South) has signed a licensing agreement for the Big Bale Transtacker bale chaser to be built in Germany at the Inuma factory. The machine will be rebranded under the Ballenshuttle name for supply to continental Europe only. UK machines will continue to be built in this country.

Michael Coleman, Big Bale Co (South) managing director, says the company was approached by Inuma, who saw a market in Germany and the surrounding countries for the Transtacker. Inuma had been looking for a product that met the requirements of its customers as well as conforming to tough German TUV regulations.

The Big Bale Transtacker was apparently the only machine that had the strength and abilities it was looking for. The only issue experienced was a height limit imposed by the German government, so a new design of an adjustable drawbar was put into production to overcome this.


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