Two new mounted sprayers from Lemken

Lemken chose the glamorous surroundings of the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany to unveil the latest additions to its sprayer range.

The new, mounted Sirius 8 and 10 models replace the outgoing 7 and 9 versions. The main difference between the two revolves around the degree of automation – on the smaller Sirius 8 the operator must set the pressure regulator to get the necessary boom pressure and travel at a constant speed. There is still a box in the cab to control boom functions, though, so there’s no hanging out the back of the cab to switch sections on and off.

Meanwhile, the Sirius 10 gets a rate controller that keeps application rate constant, regardless of speed. Tank sizes range from 900 litres to 1,900 litres, with a 140hp tractor probably best suited to the largest.

Boom-wise, there are three options providing increasing levels of sophistication and control. On the Sirius 10 the boom folds horizontally inwards before tucking vertically behind the sprayer. Spray lines and nozzles are hidden in the boom for protection.

Lemken says the aluminium boom is more stable than before. Widths extend up to 30m (although it can be reduced by folding sections inwards) and a new system to control boom yaw means left and right sections can move independently of each other. The updated pivot-swing suspension now allows the point of pivot to move according to the terrain. It can move up and down to vary sensitivity, or left and right to improve boom angle and spray accuracy on hilly ground.

The new Sirius models also herald Lemken’s first foray into boom circulation. Standard on the 10, it ensures liquid is available immediately at the nozzle. There’s an electric valve for each nozzle, but they are grouped and controlled in up to nine separate sections.

The company has also managed to reduce the overall height of the machine, thanks to some rearranged hoses between the tank and boom. It means the bulk of the sprayer can be held closer to the back of the tractor. The company reckons you can even get away without a front tank or weight, because the centre of gravity is held well inside the tractor’s bulk.

The Sirius 8 and 10 will appear in the UK in autumn.

Other new Lemken products include the mounted Juwel 7 plough and semi-mounted Diamant 11 (up to nine furrow) and 12 (up to 10 furrow) ploughs. Features include high-carbon steel DuraMaxx slats, which are hooked on to the landside brace without any drill or bolt holes. The clever setup reduces wear, says the company.

Also on show was the firm’s plough-mounted furrow press. For use on five- and six-furrow shearbolt-protected ploughs, the six-furrow version weighs 600kg and costs £8,976.

Lemken’s 3m and 6m versions of the Compact Solitair drill, as well as the Rubin 12 deep-working disc harrow and 3.5m to 6m foldable versions of the Kritstal stubble cultivator, are also new.

Lemken company facts

Founded: 1780

Headquarters: Alpen, western Germany

Factories:Alpen, Fohren, Meppen (all Germany), India and China

Employees: 1,028


Principal products: ploughs, cultivators, drills, sprayers

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