User reviews of latest tractor models

There is just no substitute for user comment. Farmers Weekly interactive follows four farming families as they test four tractor models from the UK’s best selling manufacturers. Follow the links to see each report:

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Below is a complete guide to our findings:


Fleet Profile- User Comments

Make and model


Rundle Weldham, Cornwall

Peter Howell, Norfolk

Tony Leach, Surrey

Pople family, Somerset

Farm type

2000 acres[800ha] mixed arable, veg, beef and sheep, plus contracting

800 acres[320ha] mainly arable with 400 head beef herd


480[192ha] mainly dairy and beef

Tractor’s work

Varied fieldwork-all activities, mowing, discing, haulage, rotavating, slurry tanking, muck spreading etc

All main top work including drilling, fertiliser spreading and trailer haulage

Hedgecutting, maize drilling and round baling

Ploughing, mowing and all main work


A good all- rounder, fuel economy good and 1670 trouble-free hours

Good fuel ecoomy, gear selection, occassionally unpredicatable

Transmission good for all tasks and easy to use, 1240 hours without trouble

Retro-fitted AutoDrive working well, trouble free operation