Vicon enters the hedge cutter market

Vicon is set to launch a full range of hedge trimmers, which it hopes will give it a 10% UK market share within the next five years.

The move is a dramatic departure from the company’s grassland products. It means it takes on the might of the Alamo Group with its portfolio of brands that include Bomford, McConnel, Rousseau and Spearhead.

Vicon’s 28-model range offers machines with reaches from 4.5m to 6m and flail heads with working widths from 1.2m to 1.6m. They are made for Vicon by French company Lagarde, which specialises in vineyard machinery, large flail chopping machines and hedge trimmers.


Vicon moves into the hedge trimmer/verge mower market with machines made for it by French company Lagarde

Lagarde has had a long association with Kverneland, Vicon’s parent company. In 2001 Kverneland bought the company, only to sell it back six years later.

The new hedge trimmers are built in three specifications – the VRM 4000 aimed at farmers, the VRM 5000 for large-scale farmers and contractors, and the high-spec VRM 6000 for contractors.

Within these three specifications are numerous permutations of control systems, left or right-hand operation and flail head size and motor power.


A choice of specifications offer different control systems. This version is the mid-spec single-lever electronic control

The 4000 models, in their most basic format, can be specified with no parallel linkage, a 46hp hydraulic motor, 1.2m flail head and a multi-lever cable control system. This specification is reflected in a list price of just over £14,000.

Those with slightly deeper pockets can opt for the 5000 series, which, like the 4000 and 6000 versions, have a fan-cooled integral hydraulic system on board. They have a horizontal reach of up to 6m with an optional 800mm forward reach arm. Prices for the VRM 5000 start at £19,535.


The VRM 6000-range machines, aimed mainly at contractors, have a 65hp flail head drive and an optional 1.6m cutting width, with horizontal reach of 6m and vertical reach of 6.7m. The flail head can be rotated through 220° and power slew is 120°.

A VRM 6000 with proportional control, parallel left, forward arm and heavy duty flail head has a list price of £27,275.

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