Video: Cereals 2016 kit highlights

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, when farmers, contractors, agronomists, machinery makers and dealers get together to see the latest machinery, chemicals, crop varieties and techniques at Cereals 2016.

This time it’s the turn of Robert Law’s Cambridgeshire Duxford farm to be the host to several thousand visitors.

So what’s new this time round? You can probably guess what the talking points will be.

The weather, of course, blackgrass (and what the best way is to keep it under control), Brexit/Remain, the cost of certain types of farm machinery, whether you can run to that mouthwateringly impressive 6m drill, Brexit again, how expensive sprays are becoming.

Check out the farm machinery on show in our Cereals kit highlights video to give you a flavour of this year’s event.

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