VIDEO: John Deere’s CommandArm control console

Climb into the cab of a John Deere 8R-series tractor and the first thing you’ll notice is that the right hand console that used to be home to things like hydraulic settings and four wheel drive controls has now completely disappeared.

All controls now nestle neatly in the re-designed CommandArm.

Here’s how it works:

JD-CommandArm-consoleA 7in colour display, which is clear and easy to read, is navigated by a neat roller to the side.

The home page can be set up to the operator’s preferences and there are a series of hot keys to navigate straight to commonly-used settings. When you get into a bit of a mess, you can always click on the aptly-labelled home button (it’s decorated with a picture of a little house).

Also located on the CommandArm are all your spools, linkage controls and further back things like air-conditioning, stereo, lights and more are all grouped in a neat button arrangement. A doubled-in-size corner post display gives you instant speed, rpm engine temp and fuel levels.

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