Weaving Dual Disc tool allows direct seeding for cover crops

Weaving Machinery has come up with a neat tool to remedy the perennial problem of cover crops hooking around tine drill legs and causing blockages.

The Dual Disc mounts to the tractor’s front linkage and has a row of discs spaced so that they line up with the drill’s coulters.

The theory is that they cut through the mat of cover crop, providing a clear path for the leg to pass through.

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Discs are mounted in pairs and are spaced at 16.5cm, matching up perfecting with coulters on the maker’s Sabre Tine drills.

They’re attached to a fixed beam with rubber mounts, which the firm says doesn’t affect steering as the discs are cutting crop on the surface, rather than engaging with the ground.

Prices start at £7,800 for a rigid 3m version, with hydraulic folding 4.8m and 6m models coming in at £10,800 and £11,800, respectively.

A larger 8m model is also in the pipeline, which will complement the maker’s new 8m Sabre Tine drill.


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